We want working with Huot Construction & Services Inc. to be a memorable experience for everyone involved. We believe a great experience starts with a good understanding of what to expect when you choose to work with us.

  1. Initial Meeting: This is an opportunity to tell us about your vision for the project, or perhaps review preliminary concepts or even full construction documents
  2. Early Planning: Depending on the project, we can help optimize your budget and possibly assist in developing design documents
  3. Preliminary Budget: The preliminary budget is based on the project parameters defined in the initial meeting and early planning stages. The preliminary budget will allow you to see the estimated costs of the entire project, even before your design documents are finalized
  4. Final Proposal: The preparation of the final proposal will take place when we have the final design documents. This ensures you will have accurate pricing for your project
  5. Written Schedule: Once contracts are signed, we provide a written schedule and commit to a timeline. If there are changes during the job that affect the schedule, the timeline may change.
  6. Assignment of Director of Operations and Site Manager: The Site Manager will manage the on-site tradesmen, including adherence to the schedule and compliance with the job specifications; the Director of Operations will oversee the project as a whole to ensure we are performing on time and budget
  7. Project Operation: During this time, we will be in constant communication with you. If problems arise or if you have changes, we will be there to handle changes or find solutions quickly and to your satisfaction
  8. Project Completion: We will cover a number of items, including final clean up, inspections and completing our own punch list before a final walk through with you, the client.